AJ Greenwich Managment Corp is a general contracting company established in 1991. Our company specializes in commercial and residential interior renovation in and around the city. Our mission is to offer our clients professionalism, proficiency, on time completion as well as competitive prices. We work our hardest to successfully complete our projects to our fullest ability. The right relationship between our staff and employer ensures that each project consists of commitment, responsibility, and expertise. This, in conjunction with the skills needed to exceed our client's expectations, leads to customer satisfaction. Years of experience and exceptional knowledge ensure our clients that their project will be completed efficiently and in a timely manner. We understand our client's needs and we work hard to successfully complete our job to your expectations.

AJ Greenwich Managment Corp is unique in that we can offer our clients both architectural and construction services as an integrated team – a method of project delivery commonly called « design-build ». By working in this way, we are able to streamline and enhance the project development process from concept through construction. By synthesizing our hands-on building knowledge and skills with our creative architectural vision, we create high-quality designs that fit each project’s needs and budget. And, by having control over the entire process, we can best coordinate and manage project execution, ensuring quality, efficiency and precision throughout.